CHF Iliyoboreshwa is a community based health insurance scheme operated by the Government of Tanzania under President’s Office – Regional Administration and Local Government (PORALG), through which a family with a maximum of six members enrolls in their villages or Mitaa through Enrolment Officers (EOs).

The annual membership premium is 30,000 TZS per family/household with members/beneficiaries not exceeding six (6), excluding Dar es Salaam region, which is TZS 40,000/= person and TZS 150,000/= per households up to 6 persons.

CHF Iliyoboreshwa provides to every beneficiary of the insured family/household with an ID card for identification.

Being a member of CHF Iliyoboreshwa gives you more predictability of costs and safety against having to pay high health care bills when you fall sick. As a member, you pay a moderate amount as a contribution when money is available and you do not have to worry about medical bills for your family for the whole year. CHF Iliyoboreshwa enables you to access government health services from dispensaries, health centres, district hospitals and regional referral hospitals.

CHF Iliyoboreshwa health insurance scheme is included in all health services available at government dispensaries, health centres, district hospitals and regional referral hospitals.

A member of CHF Iliyoboreshwa can access health services anywhere in Mainland Tanzania in all government health facilities.

Anyone person in the country is eligible to enroll in CHF Iliyoboreshwa and benefit from health care services as per the defined benefit package. Once the contribution is paid the coverage under the scheme begins for a period of one year. The membership has to be renewed after one year to maintain the coverage.  

You can be registered in CHF Iliyoboreshwa through Enrolment Officers (EOs) who are found at your village or Mtaa. You can also contact the Village Executive Officer (VEO) or Chairperson of your Village/Mtaa who will direct you to your Enrollment Officer, or enquire at the nearest governmental health facility.

Visit your Enrolment Officer with one ID card of any member of the family. Also you can Self-renew your police through your mobile phone by just making payment of your premium then the system will automatically activate your membership. Dial *152*00# then select 2 (Health), then select 5 (CHF).

No, you don’t need a new card. All members of your household should keep their CHF Iliyoboreshwa ID cards after renewing for another year. The information of the renewal for another year will be automatically registered in the system and your card will continue to provide you access to health care services.

You may report your queries to the CHF Coordinators at your District or Municipal Council, or to your Village Executive Officer (VEO), Ward Executive Officer WEO, Councilors or to Council/District Medical Officer. At regional level you may contact the Regional CHF Coordinator or the Regional Medical Officer. You will find contact numbers for your area here

Use mobile phones with claim management programme or web interface to submit claims on daily basis. Responsible personnel are provided with personalized accounts to process claims.

Referrals are managed by completing referral forms for patients who do require higher services which are not provided at a particular level of health facility. Once a form is completed, the patient will submit it a higher level of health facility.

Queries and complaints related to enrolment, channel them to Ward, District and CHF Teams. Quarrels and complaints related to health services such as poor health services, inadequate/availability of medicine, or poor infrastructures, communicate with in-charge of respective health facility or District Medical Officer or Regional Medical Officer. In all other general quarrels and complaints, contact Social Welfare Offices, District Executive Directors Offices or Regional Administrative Secretary Offices.

Get a lost report from a nearby Police Station or Village Executive Office/Ward Executive Office and then take it to your Enrolment Officer who will submit it to his or her supervisor for further processes