CHF Iliyoboreshwa

The Community Health Fund (CHF) was introduced by the Government in 2001; where each Council was required to establish a CHF Fund. An evaluation of the operation of this fund has shown that its implementation faces a variety of challenges that arise from problems with its design and operating system; as a result, there have been different achievements between one and the other councils.

Following these challenges, the Government aims to make improvements in three areas to strengthen the operation of the Community Health Fund. These areas are: Management and Operation (Enrollment of Members of the Fund, Benefits Package, and Benefit Package).

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CHF Benefit Package

A CHF member will have access to all medical services in accordance with the referral procedure at all levels of government service centers.

Enrollment Process

To join the Community Health Insurance (Improved CHF) visit the Village/Mtaa Office for the Enrollment Officer or with an accredited agent, your household will be enrolled using the latest Mobile Technology where each member will be photographed and given an ID. 

Also for a member who has reached his/her membership limit you will be updated using the latest Mobile Technology.

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